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What's your IP address?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:20 pm
by Josh Gibbs
Such a simple thing to be asked, such a pain to find out. There's actually a couple of answers to this question depending on why the question has been asked.

Firstly, your computer IP address. On Windows the way to find this out is to start a command prompt (under accessories if you don't know how to get there) and type 'ipconfig'. This will list out a range of details about your system, and the one you will be looking for is IPv4 Address (or possibly IPv6 for newer systems). You can also get a lot more details about your network settings by typing 'ipconfig /all' which adds in a whole of of information you probably don't need to know.

The address you have now got is the one assigned to your PC, but that may not be the address that you are seen as on the internet. To find this out, the easiest way is to head out to a service that will tell you where you are from. Head to '' and you'll get your IP address. This can be useful for diagnosing connection problems when dealing with a service that your system is talking to, as it only sees your internet IP address, not the one configured on your computer.