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Mail client preferences

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Mail client preferences

Postby Josh Gibbs » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:29 pm

So what do we use for e-mail internally? Obviously our servers are running iMail5, but you might be interested to know what we use to access our mail.

For many years we used Netscape mail on the desktop with POP collection to iMailDS v3 on NetWare. For mobile phones, it was always the native e-mail client of the various devices.

Today we use Mozilla Thunderbird on all PC's whether they are fixed under a desk or on laptops. Thunderbird is an extremely feature rich mail client built on the same open standards that are offered from iMail5.

Currently our preference for mobile devices (phones and tablets) is the Android platform, and on these we use K9 mail. K9 is very easy to use and supports all of the IMAP4 synchronization features of iMail5 making it the perfect companion for people with mail in multiple locations.
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